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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use the SellHound search feature?

Enter the name of an item that you want to research into the search bar and hit “Fetch!”
SellHound will provide pricing results instantly for that item or similar on several popular online marketplaces. SellHound will also suggest additional marketplaces that may be appropriate for selling your item. Add more keywords to your search to get more specific results that match your item.

Will SellHound sell my item for me?

SellHound is not a marketplace. Currently, it is an aggregator of secondhand online marketplaces (nicknamed the Fetch Engine) as well as a Marketplace Directory designed to help sellers decide where the best place is to sell their item as well as showing them what price others are selling similar items for.
Soon we will be launching the SellHound Posting App where using our app, you take a few photos of your item and we act as your virtual listing assistant to do the following:

  1. Create a keyword rich title and description
  2. Suggest price and shipping
  3. Post your item for sale simultaneously on the marketplaces you choose.
  4. Future Feature: Manage all your listings on multiple marketplaces from your SellHound Dashboard

WOW the SellHound Posting App sounds amazing – when will it be available?

Sign up on the waiting list to stay updated and possibly get early access!

Does the selling price result that I see on SellHound represent how much money I will make if I sell my item on that marketplace?

Our results show current and/or sold prices (when available) so that the price you see for completed sales is the price that was paid by a buyer. This does not guarantee you will get the same amount. Keep in mind many marketplaces charge a fee to the seller. We have noted a range of selling fees for each marketplace in our Marketplace Directory.

What are the different types of marketplaces for sellers?

We have identified 4 different selling models or marketplace types. Some marketplaces only use one model, others use multiples. It’s important to understand your personal selling style and goals when choosing a marketplace type.

BOR: Buy OutRight – If you want to make a little bit of money while quickly cleaning out the clutter on your bookshelf or in your closet, you may want to pack up your stuff and send it off to a marketplace that will buy it outright. (For example, thredUP for clothes or the Amazon Trade-In program for booksellers.)

P2P: Peer to Peer – These are the marketplaces where you as a seller interact directly with the buyer of an item. These items are usually shipped from the seller directly to the buyer and the proceeds (after fees) go straight to you. (ex. eBay, Poshmark, Mercari)

CON: Consignment – These marketplaces will take your item but you may not see any money until the item sells. Usually, the consigner keeps around 50% of the profit for their troubles. If your items don’t sell they may be donated or in some cases returned to you. (ex. Chairish, Flight Club)

LOC: Local marketplaces – These marketplaces are based on your geographic location and allow buying and selling between neighbors or those in relatively close proximity. These marketplaces are great for selling large items, cash transactions and keeping it all in the community. (ex. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, 5 miles)

Please see our Marketplace Directory for more details on each marketplace type.

What is the bigger picture behind SellHound?

SellHound is building technology that promotes recycling, reusing and reselling! Our company’s foundation is built on our value of enhancing the circular economy which guides our innovations in the Reuse industry by “Keeping Stuff out of the Landfill”. Read more about us and meet our team HERE

What kind of tools can I expect from SellHound going forward?

We are working hard developing the SellHound Posting App! With proprietary technology, you will be able to take pictures with your phone of an item you wish to sell, and we will do the rest of the work for you – creating a keyword rich listing including an item’s title, description, suggested pricing and shipping. SellHound wants to make selling online as easy as buying online! We will be adding and updating useful seller reference materials, articles, tips and tricks and continually be improving our Fetch Engine secondhand price comparison search, in addition to many other ideas in the pipeline. Stay tuned by signing up on the waiting list and following us on social media!


Why do I only see a limited number of items displayed on some marketplaces?

To provide a better user experience with a fast return of results, the SellHound Fetch Engine provides a sampling of available results from some of the larger marketplaces. For example, we provide the first 100 items when searching eBay

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Write to us!