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Levis Roswell TV Show Promo Jeans

Levis Lot 53 jeans were prominently featured in the Roswell television series that ran on the WB from 1999 – 2002. These rare dead stock jeans are a desirable size and are made in USA. 

Hand Painted Ceramic Plate!

Colorful ceramics are a popular vacation souvenir, but you don’t need to travel thousands of miles to add a splash of color to your decor. Hand-made items like this bring a lot of personality for little cost.

Air Jordan Retro 11 Sneakers

Michael Jordan was an astonishing athlete, and his branded sneakers continue to bring astonishing prices on the resale market. These youth size 7 sneakers are an example of a rare black/black colorway in patent leather. 

WWE Wrestle Mania Eddie Guerrero Action Figure

Professional Wrestling is arguably the world’s greatest performance art. Just go and ask any wrestling fan and they will tell you, if Shakespeare and Achilles were alive today, they’d be working for the WWE. This action figure is not only a great collectible, it’s a commemorative piece to a great moment in Professional Wrestling. WrestleMania 21 (goes to Hollywood) was a tense and tumultuous time at the WWE. In a spectacular twist of events, WWE Champion John Cena’s honor and standing was defended by WWE Tag Team Champions Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. The drama during the greatest wrestling event of 2005, and Eddie Guerrero’s pivotal role in the action, make this NIB action figure a rare and important piece of Professional Wrestling history.    

Kona Coffee Tiki Style Mugs

Tiki culture is going strong. People love the island themes and chill vibes it inspires. Some people go all out and decorate entire rooms in the Tiki style. There’s nothing quite like hosting a party at your own tiki bar. You’re guaranteed to be the talk of the town until the guy across the street collects enough cool stuff to build an even bigger one. Or just pick this set up, turn on Gilligan’s Island and enjoy the island life from the comfort of your couch. 

Unforgettable Clifford & Willis Floral Sweater

This sweater only works for two types of people. Type 1 is the kind of person who is looking through European Cruise offers because they are celebrating paying off the house. Type 2 is a hot mess, about to get kicked out of college in New York City, and is forming a convincing argument as to why their parents should give them some money instead of upgrading to the master suite on their European Cruise. Whomever buys it, they will pay top-dollar because the seller did a great job with the photos, and SellHound did a great job with the title and description. Look at those clips on the sleeves people! That’s how the pros do it. 

Gianni Bini Jumpsuit

This ruffly number is for when you want to be swanky, and also comfy, which should be 24/7. GB makes stylish pieces that range form casual to formal, and as this piece shows, everything in between. We love this listing because it shows how easy it is to find money hanging around in your closet. Just open the door, find something you can do without, snap a few pictures, and soon it will be off to bring joy to someone new. All this, plus a cash reward. It’s truly a swanky, comfy, easy, and glorious time to be alive. 



UGG Boots in Teal

What’s better than the world’s most comfortable shearling boots? The world’s most comfortable shearling boots in teal of course! Add some electric blue ribbon on the back and some electric blue soles and you’ve got…um, in all honesty, you’ve got a clash of the titans as far as colors go. As much as some may ponder the color combo, these are a youth size and the bright and cheerful palate is just the right fit…unless they are meant for Goth youths. Goth youths don’t like bright and cheery, they like dark, mysterious, and foreboding things. They prefer the black Uggs.